Summit Park Line Is Open!

Your name(s): Dr. Robert Rubino / Debra Karrat Organization: Summit Park Line Foundation, Inc. Location: Summit, NJ Contact Information: Debra Karrat: Can you provide a bit of history about the bridge?  When and how did this all begin? In 2014 when Dr. Robert Rubino was Summit Council President, he was on his way to Overlook Hospital on Springfield Ave on a winter morning and saw the sun rising over the Manhattan skyline and thought how great it would be for the public to have a clear view of NYC. This led him to find the abandoned 1.2-mile stretch of rail land next to the...

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Top Dentist Carries on Tradition at Executive Dental Studio Meet Dr. Maryse Manasse

Name: Maryse Manasse, DMD, MEd Family (names/ages): Wandy, Mirabelle (13), Loghan (12) and Camille (7) Company: Executive Dental Studio Job Title: Prosthodontist Contact Info: (P) 908-276-2385                            (F) 908-276-2891 Her Bio Dr. Maryse Manasse graduated in 2002 from the College of Saint Elizabeth with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. After four years, she graduated from New Jersey Dental School in 2006. She realized that she wanted to pursue specialty training and continued an additional three years of Prosthodontic specialty...

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Lulu Brings the Best of Mexico to Make Your Party Sweeter

Photography provided by Jessica Gonzalez “We have catered schools, banks, corporations, networking events and social gatherings, keeping us busy and fully booked until the end of the year.” Owner Lulu Carey Tell us about your family. We are a family of four. My husband Joe was born in Livingston NJ, and I was born and raised in Monterrey Mexico, where I got my bachelor’s degree in International business. Eleven years ago, I decided to move to the U.S. to continue my education and work. During that time, I met Joe. We fell in love and decided to become a family. We have two wonderful boys Joseph...

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Local Student Lands Leading Role in Aladdin

By Tanya Dev Copy Editor SCL Local  Cover Photo by Evan Zimmerman for MurphyMade. In 8th grade, Adi Roy was stoked to receive the lead role in his school play, Aladdin. For hours every day leading up to the show, Adi would attend rehearsals, memorize lines, and rehearse scenes to ensure everything went smoothly during the performance. His practice, dedication, and love for acting was evident the day of the show. Adi stole the audience’s hearts and received a standing ovation. Little did Adi know that nearly six years later at the age of 20, he would again land the role of Aladdin, only this...

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