Meet local pet Chip, a Pineapple Conure who gives new meaning to shaking a tail feather with his love of dancing and the artist Lizzo

Family member names Jessie Borenstein

Type of Breed Pineapple Conure




Where/Why did you get your pet?

I got Chip at Patterson Bird store. I always wanted a pet but never thought I could have one because I’m allergic to almost everything else. When I found out about conures I was ecstatic because I wasn’t allergic and they live for 30 years so I’d have a friend for life!

Anything special or unusual about your pet?

He loves to dance and his favorite artist is Lizzo.

Any funny stories?

He once got out of the cage when I was bringing him to the vet. He flew to the end of my driveway, looked around, heard a scary noise, then walked back up the driveway and stood at my feet waiting for him to pick him up.  It was  very scary for me at the moment but really funny looking back.

What do you like best about your pet?

He likes to do his own thing but enjoys spending time with me when he wants. He is super soft and fun to pet.

How has the pet enriched your life?

He has enriched my life by being himself and making my life more fun every day.

Would you like to feature your pet in the magazine?

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