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Name: Jacob Kelly

Age: 12

Grade/school: 6th grade Orange Avenue School

Family Member Names: Kimberly (mom), Dan (dad), Abigail (sister – 16), Claire (sister-14)

Pet’s Name/type: Archie – dog (breed – Brittney)

Something unique about me: I love to fish and have won multiple awards for either the biggest catch or the most fish caught.

When I grow up, I want to be:
A Robotics Engineer


Activities/Hobbies: Boy Scouts, play football for Cranford PAL, reading, playing chess, fishing, hiking

Animal: Birds!  I really want a Green Cheeked Conure for a pet, but my mom won’t let me!

Color: White

Food: Hamburgers

Movies: Lord of the Rings Movie trilogy

Music: I don’t really listen  to much music, but I play the cello

Place to play: My driveway or at friends houses

Sports teams: I like Paris Saint – Germain Soccer team, but I don’t really follow any professional sports teams

School subject: Science

Vacation: I like to go to Vermont – I lived in Vermont for a summer as a baby and we continued to vacation there every summer for 9 years.

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