Meet local pet Gunner, a loveable Black Labrador who will steal your heart and possibly your beverage!

Family member names Lyndsey, Mimi & Pop

Type of Breed Black La

PET’S NAME Gunner James



Where/Why did you get your pet?

Gunner was born in Carmel, NY, and was 1 out of 6 puppies. I have always wanted a dog of my own and my family always had labs. When my parents called me to let me know that their lab Beau’s sister was having puppies, I immediately knew I wanted a puppy from her litter. Gunner was Beau’s nephew and they instantly bonded when they met.

Anything special or unusual about your pet?

Gunner LOVES to shred boxes, especially from Amazon and “The Blue Box” aka Budlight boxes. If he sees a box he is trying to shred it… who needs to worry about flattening recycling boxes? Gunner is also known as a SNIPER, who snipes beverages with the stealth of a ninja. He prefers soda or beer (Budlight).

Any funny stories?

One summer day I came home to not being greeted by Gunner which is never the case. I couldn’t find him anywhere. I thought he escaped and ran away. Turns out he somehow got himself locked in the bathroom and was in the shower with the shower door closed. When I found him he was sitting in the shower like Momma I don’t know how this happened.

What do you like best about your pet?

Gunner is a 98lb big ol’ mush. He loves to snuggle and go for endless walks. He always greets you at the door with a toy and an uncontrollable wagging tail. He loves to sleep in the bed under the covers at night time. Gunner knows just the look to give us when he is hungry (24/7). He can not wait to get his ¼ cup of food multiple times a day, to fulfill his hunger.

How has the pet enriched your life?

Gunner has filled my life with endless happiness and love. The love you get from a dog is pure. However I am feeling, Gunner is there to share the highs and the lows.

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