Educator to Artisan

Westfield High School Teacher’s Inspiring Journey into Full-Time Artistry and Community Service

Name Callie Campbell

Company name Callie Campbell Art

Job Title Artist

Family (names/ages) Colin Campbell (husband), Daughters Pippa (7) and Gray (3 in April)

Contact Info

Cell: (908) 424-9690

Studio: (908) 476-3119


PETs Finley (Yorkipoo)

How long have you lived here and what brought you to town?

I grew up in Westfield, and my connection to this community has always been strong. After spending some time away, my husband and I decided to return to New Jersey in 2016, and we made the move back to Westfield in 2020. It was a natural choice since my husband, Colin, grew up in Scotch Plains, and we both wanted to be closer to our families. In fact, we found a lovely house just around the corner from my mom in the Franklin district where I attended elementary school. Returning here has allowed us to rediscover the warm and welcoming atmosphere of our hometown, reconnecting with old friends who, like us, have returned to Westfield. It’s a true testament to the town’s sense of community.


What are your favorite family activities? 

Our family is all about creating special moments together. I derive immense joy from involving my daughters, Pippa (7) and Gray (soon turning 3 in April), in my art and sharing my passion with them. Additionally, we’re big fans of quality time and bonding over family games like Uno Flip, which always brings out our competitive yet fun-loving sides.

Our adventures extend beyond our home too. We’re avid explorers, whether it’s embarking on spontaneous day trips to nearby attractions and museums or meticulously planning larger family vacations. These journeys allow us to immerse ourselves in new places, cultures, and experiences, creating lasting memories that we treasure together.


What’s your favorite restaurant and/or place to shop?

Living within walking distance of downtown Westfield is a true delight. We often stroll into town for dinner or drinks. While Akai has recently become our go-to restaurant, we’ve been thrilled to witness the bustling growth of new dining establishments in the area. Personally, I’m an unabashed fan of Kirschenbaums; their selection never fails to impress, and I’ve yet to encounter an item I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. Given my somewhat questionable culinary skills, dining out has become a regular affair, and we’re always on the lookout for exciting new spots.

When it comes to shopping, I’m passionate about supporting local businesses. The Life is my trusted go-to for housewarming gifts and timeless clothing essentials. Additionally, Evalyn Dunn Gallery holds a special place in my heart as they offer an exquisite collection of art, including some of my own pieces.


What was the best advice on motherhood that you ever received?

The best advice I ever received about motherhood is that it’s akin to navigating a world where stepping barefoot on Legos becomes a daily obstacle course, privacy during bathroom breaks becomes a distant memory, and any day you manage to sleep past 7 am feels like a triumph. It’s like being the chief detective of your household, the only one who seems to possess the magical map to locate lost toys, elusive shoes, and the perpetual mystery of ‘where did I put my keys?’ Motherhood, in essence, is the art of embracing chaos while maintaining a semblance of order – and knowing that in the midst of it all, you’re crafting a beautiful tapestry of love, laughter, and endless adventures with your little ones.


Tell us about your transition from a Westfield High School teacher to pursuing art full time!

Until June of 2023, I had the privilege of teaching math and computer science at WHS, and I truly loved it. However, my art business started flourishing during the COVID pandemic, as more people sought to beautify their homes while working remotely. For a few years, I balanced teaching, running my art business, and being a mother and wife. Eventually, I reached a point where I felt compelled to step away from teaching and fully dedicate myself to the growing demands of my business. This transition has been significant, but the flexibility and autonomy that come with running my own business have been incredibly rewarding.


You also volunteer on the Westfield Rescue Squad. Tell us how you got involved as a volunteer!

When I made the decision to leave teaching, I knew I wanted to remain actively involved in the Westfield community and give back in a meaningful way. I used to drive past the Westfield Rescue Squad on my way home from the high school and noticed their call for volunteers. It felt like a perfect fit, so I signed up. Volunteering has provided me with a structured commitment, which has been beneficial. Currently, I volunteer every Wednesday evening, and I’m working towards earning my next level EMT certification through a program with RWJ. It’s been an incredibly fulfilling experience, allowing me to contribute to the town I hold dear and see Westfield from a unique perspective.


Anything we missed?

My art is a canvas for individuality and personal connection. I specialize in crafting bespoke pieces that are meticulously tailored to the unique vision and preferences of my clients. From the dimensions to the color scheme, texture, and overall vibe of the artwork, every element is customized to perfection.

What sets my art apart is the incorporation of elements specific to each client, turning every piece into a meaningful masterpiece. I’ve had the privilege of collaging wedding lyrics into a painting, using glow-in-the-dark paint to bring a client’s astrology sign to life, and even embedding children’s names in Morse code.

My passion lies in personalizing each painting to imbue it with an extra layer of significance, ensuring that it not only captures aesthetic beauty but also resonates deeply with the individual it was created for. It’s about transforming art into a heartfelt connection, a visual representation of the stories, memories, and emotions that make each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

In addition to custom pieces, my artwork is also available for purchase at the Evalyn Dunn Gallery, on my website, or through interior designers.

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