Meet local kid, Millie Reilly,

an aspiring veterinarian and ethologist who loves rainbow socks and reading



Name: Millie Reilly

Age: 9

Grade/School: Rising 4th grader

Family Member Names: Mary (mom), Brian (dad), Sammy (sister)

Pet’s Name/type: Toby (6) and Teddy (8 months) both cockapoos

Something unique about me: I wear long rainbow socks

When I grow up, I want to be: An Ethologist like Jane Goodall and a Vet


Activities/Hobbies: Reading, playing soccer, and being with my friends

Animal: Tiger

Color: Yellow

Food: Spaghetti and Sausage dish my mom makes

Movies: Night at The Museum

Music: Taylor Swift

Place to play: The Woods

Sports teams: Rangers

School subject: Reading

Vacation: Costa Rica,
The Osa Peninsula

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