My Sweet Jersey Girl!

Family member names Rebecca, Jay, Bella, Mia, Gigi

Type of Breed Chocolate Labrador



PET’s AGE 8 years old

Where/why did you get your pet?

After our wedding, my husband and I desperately wanted a puppy for very different reasons. I couldn’t wait to start our journey into parenthood while he was desperate to delay our journey into parenthood! On a cold day in January, we took the long journey to Millbach Farms, PA, eager to pick up our newest addition. We had additional excitement as my recently preserved wedding dress was ready and picked up along the way, stored with love and care in the back of the car.  As we merrily continued on the scenic ride, we had no idea the universe had plans for us, and our ride home. Our little Jersey girl was the last puppy to be claimed but with her tail wagging, happily jumped into my arms for the long ride home. That’s when disaster struck. Our poor girl became car sick instantly and continually puked for approximately three hours straight, hitting every inch of my magnificently preserved wedding dress. The dress didn’t make it, never had a chance really, but our Jersey girl did… What a crash course into parenting!

Anything special or unusual about them (talents/quirks)?

We call her part Gazelle. She has somehow cleared a 6 foot fence on multiple occasions, jumping from a standing position.

What do you like best about your pet? 

She is so loving with every person, especially children. She allows them to paint her nails, dress her in a tutu and she licks their faces the whole time. She’s my “sweet Jersey girl.”

How spoiled is your pet?

Her name and face is on every birthday, christmas and thank you card we send.  She is my first baby and is spoiled because she is pure love, and who could ever resist 100% love? Not this family, we fiercely love her back.

What else should we know about your pet and/or how your pet has enriched your home/family?

With three (human) babies within five years, this dog went from the center of our universe to being second best, especially during the newborn stages.  She still loved, never acted out, and licked us whenever we called to her. She begrudgingly posed for pictures with the newborns, for christmas cards and the like, knowing it was not at all about her — and through it all, has been the best dog anyone could ever wish for. She’s sweet, kind, playful and everything wonderful in this world. Any family could have been blessed with her, but I thank God it was us who was chosen to share our lives with her.


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