Holy Trinity School earns re-accreditation for Middle States

Middle States Accreditation or reaccreditation takes place every seven years for schools involved in the program. Recognized by the United States Department of Education, is an expression of confidence in the institution’s mission, goals, performance, and resources, according to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Holy Trinity School staff worked during this school year toward their reaccreditation status for the 2023-2030 time period.  Along with input from the community, the staff decided on several goals for student performance improvement and an organizational goal of promoting more cohesiveness between the early childhood program and the elementary school students.

From April 23 through April 26, members of the Middle States team visited the school to assess the goals and help decide if the school community’s plan to reach those goals in the accreditation time frame was valid and well planned. The team met with staff, parents, students, and other stakeholders in person or in Zoom meetings to learn more about the school community.  Some of the findings from the committee were as follows:

The strength of Holy Trinity School is truly its sense of community. The team felt the school “was exemplary in this capacity”.

The students felt that a strength of the school was the level of caring and concern the teachers have  for their students. Some students characterized the relationship as a “friendship”.

The school was praised for how “the walls and halls talked” with student success and the strength of the sports program and volunteers.

The visiting team concluded that Holy Trinity School successfully met all 12 of the standards for accreditation and will be recommending the honor to continue. The reaccreditation runs from December 2023 to December 2030.  There is a follow up to check in on the progress of reaching the goals set for December 2026.

If you are interested in joining the Holy Trinity School community, please contact Mrs. Becky Klock, Admissions Director at 908-233-0484 or by email at bklock@holytrinityschool.org.

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