Meet local kid Teagan Freeman, an art and crafting enthusiast who aspires to be a Creative Director when she grows up

Name: Teagan Freeman
Age: 10
Grade/School: 4th / Brookside Place School
Family Member Names: Brian (Dad), Jen (Mom), Addison (Sister)Pet’s Name/Type: No pets
Something unique about me:
I am creative. I can do lots of arts and crafts and always have a project going
When I grow up, I want to be
a Creative Director because I like art.Favorites
Activities/Hobbies: Swimming, Surfing, Soccer, Skiing, Lacrosse, Puzzles, Sewing
Animal: Tiger
Color: Teal
Food: Hamberger Helper
Movies: Gremlins
Music: Taylor Swift
Place to play: My neighbor’s backyard with all the fun dogs.
Sports teams: Philadelphia Phillies
School subject: Math
Vacation: Maui, Hawaii

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