Pet of the month

Family member names

Nilay (5), Pradyun (9), Pavithra (mom), Neeraj (dad)

Type of Breed Labrador Retriever



PET’s AGE 2,5

Where/why did you get your pets?

We were looking for a rescue for a year, but they were in short supply in 2020. The kids at home are quick to befriend dogs and a parent used to volunteer in a dog shelter.  When we saw Nethra at 8 weeks old in a pet shop, we decided that she belonged at home.

Is there a story behind their names?

Nethra means “beautiful eyes” in several Indian languages, which felt appropriate given the puppy’s hazel eyes that were fixed on us when we first met. The name is also a portmanteau of the names of the human parents.

Anything special or unusual about them (talents/quirks)?

Nethra is a great hiker. She can go on for hours. If there is a creek within a few hundred feet of us, she is definitely going to get a dip. She also loves playing fetch, especially with balls and shoes. She picks those toys because she is most comfortable playing with objects that most smell like the humans at home.

What do you like best about your pets?

She is so excited to see us when we wake up or walk into our home after an outing.  She naturally befriends every human she meets.

Any funny stories?

She likes to do a little obstacle course through the legs of all the humans at home when we wake up in the morning. Also, she has figured out how to lower the windows in our car and likes to take in the breeze.

How spoiled are your pets?

Nethra is spoiled silly. She gets gourmet meals made of beef, turkey and chicken, while the rest of the household is vegetarian. We can’t resist including her for quick grocery runs because she loves to ride in the car.

What else should we know about your pets and/or how your pets have enriched your home/family?

Nethra has helped us rediscover the small things that matter in life. She reminds us that we can be there for people without saying a single word. Her excitement every morning to see us reminds us that life goes by quickly (each 24-hour day is equivalent to a whole week for Nethra, given how long dogs live). Finally, she reminds us that we should not take ourselves too seriously.

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