Some Myths About Thanksgiving

By Cami Mckenzie

Over the years, I have seen plenty of theories and statements made revolving around Thanksgiving. Here are a few common misconceptions that I’m about to debunk for you.

  • MYTH: Eating too much Turkey makes you sleepy

You would need to eat about 5.4 pounds of turkey before actually feeling the effects of tryptophan. That’s about one entire Turkey!

  • MYTH: Thanksgiving has been celebrated every year since the nation’s founding

When Congress passed the Holiday Act in 1870, Thanksgiving was declared one of the first four official holidays (The pilgrims celebrated their version in 1621). Christmas, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day were all declared holidays under that statute, although only Thanksgiving’s date could be freely chosen by the president.

  • MYTH: Turkey was eaten at the first Thanksgiving

Turkey and pie were not mentioned as being included in the 1621 feast. The settlers had no oven, no butter, and no wheat flour for a crust. What is known is that the Wampanoag brought perhaps a goose or duck, and that the Pilgrims harvested crops to eat.

  • MYTH: Thanksgiving has always been about celebrating family.

Thanksgiving was a multicultural community event. The Pilgrims would never have extended an invitation to the Indians if it had been about family.


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