Name: John D. Treiling

Age: 7 1/2

Grade/school: Milton Avenue               School

Family Member Names:
Eric, Leigh, John and Claire

Pet’s Name/type: None yet!

Something unique about me: I have a positive attitude
and I am very focused.

When I grow up, I want to be:
a Scientist or Engineer


Activities/Hobbies: Miniature Golf, Nintendo Switch, Paddle, Bowling, and most importantly the sports: soccer, basketball, lacrosse and golf!

Animal: All the wild cats at the Turtle Back Zoo!

Color: Orange and Blue

Food: Pizza

Movies: Elf

Music: All

Place to play: Outside in the backyard or at Milton, Kelley’s Pond, The Pool at Canoe Brook

Sports teams: Penn State Nittany Lions and Green Bay Packers

School subject: Math and P.E.              Vacation: Ocean City, NJ

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(300-dpi plus). iPhone photos are usable.


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