Brookside Place School Families Lend a Helping Hand

Brookside Place School (BPS) freshened up its appearance Saturday afternoon with help from a few BPS families. The poles, that were painted to resemble pencils, that run along the entrance to the kindergarten door were refurbished and saw a fresh coat of paint. The Gialanella, Gardner, Sockell and Miskewitz families along with fifth grader Christopher McSweeney worked together to paint the exterior pencils with supplies donated by the BPS PTA. The kids had fun helping out their school while also having some friend time. Attention was also given to the BPS playground where some extra weeding...

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Meet Mariella Foley

Your family names: Kieran, Mariella, Colin, Dillon & Oreo Company name: Round Table Wealth Management Your position: Partner & Wealth Advisor Website: Phone number: 908-789-7310 Business address: 241 North Ave W, Suite 300 Westfield, NJ 07090 Tell us about your family: We have been part of the Westfield community since 2010.  Our two sons currently attend the high school and I work in town too.  When I began working in Westfield over 21 years ago, I knew I wanted to live here someday.  The lovely community, the high-quality schools, the busy downtown, it all...

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pet of the month

Meet Morgan Where/why did you get your pet? Not long after we moved into our current apartment, we decided we wanted to adopt a dog. Mike’s parents have a beagle, so we were looking for beagles or beagle-mixes. We found Mo in around January, 2020, through a rescue group in Arkansas called Last Chance Arkansas. Mo had been found along the side of a highway with her mother and a sibling. After we did a video “interview” and were approved to adopt Mo, she was transported to New Jersey. Picking her up was a surreal experience. We had to get her at around 2:30am in the morning from the Sheraton Hotel...

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Volunteer Spotlight

Your name: Lauren Merel and Lindsay Bliss and other Westfield Moms whose daughters are making these bracelets Organization: JamminBraceletz Title:  4th Grade Westfield Girls Make Personalized Bracelets for Charity Location:  Westfield, NJ Contact Information: Can you provide a bit of history of the CSH Foundation?  From left to right is: Miley, Madison, Lily, Zoe, Jordyn, Ava, Izzie, Caroline A group of 4th graders came together to make personalized bracelets. They will donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. Tell us about your exciting new campaign! We would...

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Thorough Testing is a Key Step in Evaluating Alzheimer’s Disease

BY Keren Isaacs Lebeau, Ph.D. As a clinical neuropsychologist at Atlantic Neuroscience Institute, I perform comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations designed to assess patients’ level of cognitive function and guide appropriate treatment. Cognitive functions such as language, memory, and processing speed are assessed through administration of standardized paper-and-pencil measures. Patients may be asked to remember lists of words or visual designs or put together designs with blocks.  When analyzing the results of the neuropsychological evaluation, patterns of performance are reviewed to...

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Skiing: my personal escape

BY Natalie Manzo I have been skiing for as long as I can remember. Since the age of six, I have braved the bitter winter weather and propelled myself down a snow-covered mountain on two pieces of metal bundled in plenty of layers. Now I know what you may be thinking… ‘Do you really enjoy that?’ The answer is yes. Yes one hundred times over. From the ages of six to ten my family would take both day and weekend day trips up the east coast. Whether that be my parents hauling my younger sisters and I to Camelback Mountain in Pennsylvania or going up to Okemo, the mountain I learned to ski at in...

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February 22nd is National Margarita Day!

By: Blanche Ryder So that means, it’s time to shake things up and create this amazing clean margarita recipe to celebrate! The “Clean” Grapefruit Margarita Recipe 2 Sweet & Very Ripe Ruby Red or Pink Grapefruits 1 or 1 1/2 shots of your favorite Silver Tequila 1-2 Tablespoons Cointreau or Orange Liqueur Slice of Lime for Garnish Using a citrus squeezer, squeeze 2 grapefruits into a cup. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add the Grapefruit Juice, Tequila and Cointreau. Shake for several minutes. Rim the margarita glass with the slice of lime and dip in a mixture of sugar. Pour contents...

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Partner, Family Law Fox Rothschild LLP Phone: 973-992-9125 What do you love about the Summit/Chatham area and why do you consider it such a special place?  What I really love about Chatham and Summit is the quaintness of these towns.  They have the traditional town centers with local shops, where you can walk down their main streets to have a bite to eat at one of their great restaurants or do a little shopping.  It truly is like “home town” America and there are not a lot of towns in New Jersey that offer that.  I spend a lot of time...

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This month’s topic is the Famous or Infamous Dental Crown (also known as a Cap).

BY Kenneth W. Arida, DDS Company: Dentistry by Dr. Arida Location: 131 S. Euclid Ave, Westfield NJ Phone: 908-654-6262 There are several reasons that a dentist might suggest that your tooth needs a crown. A crown is a very good and effective way to protect a weak tooth from breaking and cracking under normal chewing. When you are young you may need a filling to remove decay, the tooth may have more decay over decades and wind up with a very large filling. As the filling gets larger the amount of tooth structure that is left is less and less making it weaker and weaker. A weak tooth can have...

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