Meet local kid Asher Lagola,

an aspiring professional hockey player who will wow you on the ice and charm you with his quirky, fun-loving personality.

Name: Asher Lagola

Age: 7

Grade/School:        2nd Grade / Hillside Avenue School

Family Member Names:  Michael, Dever & Avery (10)

Pet’s Name/Type: None

Something unique about me:
I have a quirky, fun-loving personality.

When I grow up, I want to be:
A professional hockey player


Activities/Hobbies: Play outside, sports and hanging with friends

Animal: Monkeys, they are so cute!

Color: Orange

Food: Tacos

Movies: Disney and Marvel movies

Music: Imagine Dragons

Place to play: I like to play in my room.

Sports teams: NY Rangers and Edmonton Oilers

School subject: Math

Vacation:  The Bahamas

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